Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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If I sign up, what time in the evening do I expect to receive the next day’s RaceCard?

We generally wait for the last result of the night to be in before commencing building the Race Cards. The time of delivery varies therefore, but around 2135hrs is last point that we generally wait until. This ensures the statistics / ratios shown in the Race Card are up to date. FYI, our last ten emails were sent out at the following times: 2141, 2131, 2159, 2200, 2124, 2212, 2256, 2149, 2146, 2104. The PDF versions of the RaceCards will always be delivered around 5-10mins after the spreadsheet versions.


Tell me more about the interactive Race Card currently under construction.

Definitely. This is another option to receive your daily Race Cards in and currently in production. Instead of an excel spreadsheet or a PDF you’ll receive a HTML file that will open up an interactive version of the Race Card in a webpage format. They’ll be dropdowns etc. to choose the Race you are interested in, then the page will update with the information relevant to that Race. Clicking then on a horse will bring another series of graphs/tables. Effectively a daily dashboard sent daily by email.


What's the difference between LONG and WIDE spreadsheet format please?

Long is basically each race appended underneath one another on a single sheet. Wide is each race occupying its own sheet in a spreadsheet. Hope this helps. See the sample page for an example of each as well as our popular PDF printable version.


The PDF version of the RaceCard is absolutely fantastic, but on Saturdays for instance, it does get a touch long. Can I submit a request just to have the UK races?

Yes, you can ask for this no problem, email us at [email protected]. If there are enough people interested in something similar we’ll add it to the products list. We've had similar requests for the PDF to be sent in B&W format.


I like the sound of your personalised RaceCard option. How would I go about adding some additional fields and having a personalised experience? Hello, well generally speaking our aim with the personalised approach was to come up with about 5 or so options for additional columns that the subscriber can personally derive / request. We can tell you whether anything you can think of would be feasible or not. You’d need to email [email protected] and over say a week we’d piece together these through regular comms with each other. We’ll then trial for a week before asking for an increase in subscription rates. The personalised “experience” is currently priced at double the standard racecard.


Can you tell me more detail around the purchasing of historical results?

We have a results database (saved in .csv spreadsheet format) going back to 01 Jan 2010 - this is available to purchase as a one off lump sum. You'll be sent a private link that will remain active for 48 hours for you to download. It currently  contains 138,000 race results and is 245MB in size. To keep your results database up to date you may wish to sign up to have daily results files sent to your email address each day. Both of the above available on 'Buy Racecards'. For further questions please use the form on the right.